Come and celebrate our Lord and all He has done through Grace over the past 20 Years!  
Whether you have only been a part of us for just a few weeks or if you have attended for years...
whether you still attend Grace or if God has moved you on...
YOU are Grace...YOU are Loved...YOU are Invited!

Celebration Week Events:

Celebration & Reunion Pot-Luck and Fellowship
Saturday, July 21st in Lola Park, Milliken from 11am-2pm 
Bring your WHOLE family out to Lola Park on July 21st for a pot-luck style lunch, games, water rides and fellowship!  Everything is FREE, we just want to celebrate with YOU!

Special Anniversary Sermon by Pastor Bob
Sunday, July 22nd at 10am
Full Children's and Youth Ministries available!

Special Anniversary Sermon by Pastor Shane
Thursday, July 26th at 6:30pm
Full Children's Ministries available!

Men's Fellowship Breakfast
Saturday, July 28th at 8am
Featuring guest speaker Ron Waterman!

Special Testimony Service
Sunday, July 29th at 10am
Full Children's and Youth Ministries available!

Worship and Fellowship Concert
Sunday, July 29th in Parish Park, Johnstown from 5-8pm
Bring your blankets and lawn chairs, invite your family and friends to come and enjoy a night of worship in the park!

Please check back, as we will be adding more events as they are scheduled!
These celebrations are not meant to draw attention to Grace, to lift up people or to make it seem as though we have completed our mission.  

In 1 Samuel 7, the Israelites stopped the Philistine's advances after prayer and offering to God.  After God helped them in this victory, Samuel took a large stone, set it up as a marker, named it Ebenezer and said, "Thus far, the Lord has helped us."

These celebrations are intended to serve as an Ebenezer Stone - up until this point God has been with us!  Have we made mistakes and stumbled along the way - absolutely!  Have we completed the tasks that God has laid out for us - not even close!  But we will take this moment to look back and praise God for being with us up until this point - 20 years of loving radically and reaching the unchurched!