Dedication of a child is a commitment that the parents/guardians make to God to not only raise a child up to know God, but also acknowledge that children ultimately belong to God.  Dedicating a child back to God is showing Him that you understand that:
-He created your child
-He has a plan and a purpose for your child
-His ways are perfect and will not always line up with your ways
-He is able to love and provide for your child in ways that you never will.

We hold baby dedications each year on Father's Day as part of our Sunday service. We also have a brief meeting prior to the ceremony to help parents/guardians fully understand the commitment they are making.  

2018 Dedication Dates:

This year, we will have 2 opportunities for parents/guardians to attend the informational meeting...
Sunday, June 10th at 3:30pm in the office 
Thursday, June 14th at 6:30pm (full Children's Ministry available)
All informational meeting will be held in the Church office and will last about an hour.  Children are welcome to attend with you.  

Dedication Ceremony - Father's Day, Sunday, June 17th at 10am

If you have any questions about the ceremony or meeting, you can contact Pastor Bob or Justin and  Amanda Turnbull.
If you would like to sign up to dedicate your child/children, please see the insert in the bulletin or contact the church office.