Spiritual Growth

We love nothing more than to see someone grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus!  At Grace, we offer several classes, Bible studies and small groups to allow you to grow beyond just Sunday service.  Our prayer is that you are able to explore who Christ is and how He can radically change you life!
We focus on discipleship and unconditional love in our relationships with one another.  We have regular meetings of both Men's and Women's Fellowship Breakfasts to give you an opportunity to get to know and grow with one another.  Also, be sure to check out our Children's and Youth Ministries to see how we can come along side of you and your kids in their walk with Christ. 
Several Bible studies and small groups are offered throughout the year for men, women, couples, parents and teens.  And while all Bible Studies and groups can be joined in by anyone at any time, we do have 4 classes that build off of one another that teach not only the basics of who Grace is, but lays that foundation for what we believe is a fully devoted disciple of Christ.
The first of these classes is 101: Discovering Grace.  This is our basic membership class.  As you know "Christian" and "church" can mean different things to different people.  In 101, Pastor Bob teaches what the Bible has to say about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and what it means to be a part of a church family.  At Grace we consider everyone that has a personal relationship with Christ who noes not have a church family of their own as belonging to us.  101 helps you begin to see how our church family functions.
201: Discovering Spiritual Maturity is the next class.  Everything we do at Grace is designed to help us live out God's purposes for our lives.  201 will reach you the Biblical habits necessary for spiritual growth.  Anyone who has completed 101 and have made a commitment in their hearts to be a part of the family at Grace will want to take part in this class and learn more about what a committed disciple of Christ looks like.
The next class is 301: Discovering My Ministry.  Here you will learn that God has given every Christian a unique SHAPE for ministry:
S = Spiritual Gifts
H = Heart
A = Abilities
P = Personality
E = Experiences
We will dive into how God has designed you personally to serve Him effectively in the church.  This is followed by a voluntary "310 Interview" with one of our pastors or purpose leaders to discuss the many ministries and groups you may fit into.

401: Discovering My Mission is our last level class.  Your mission as a Christian is to use your relationship with Christ, your Spiritual gifts and your ministries to reach others with Christ's Love.  Your experiences are one of the most effective tools you have for connecting people to God.
You can watch the bulletin or the Event's Page for opportunities to sign up for these classes, other studies and groups or you can call the church office at any time if you have questions.  We can't wait to see where God is leading you on your path of growth with Him!